Matt Marsteller

I’m currently Head of the Science Libraries at Carnegie Mellon University.  With this blog I hope to become more effective with my liaison responsibilities in physics and math and to give myself an online presence for the campus to use. You’ll see lots of new books postings to start, but I hope to write about other things as time allows.  The main mission that I have at Carnegie Mellon is to do all I can to ensure quality access to information for our scientists and engineers.  I’m very lucky to have some good people to help me out with this endeavor.

Other editors for this blog include Diane Covington (Chemistry and Biology Librarian) and Keri Garland (Administrative and Reference Coordinator).


2 Responses to About

  1. c1ndy says:

    Hi, Matt
    Are you going to retain Coral Hess as a contributor in your “About” note?

    Cindy Carroll

    • matthewm53 says:

      Hmmm … I haven’t thought about it much. We were never able to get her off the ground as a contributor while she was here. I need to touch base with her anyway, so I’ll figure things out soon.


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