Interesting Data Development from OSTI

Here’s the opening paragraph of a new blog entry from the OSTIblog (Office for Scientific and Technical Information, U.S. Department of Energy):

“Discover the data behind DOE publications!
by Jannean Elliott
Tags: data data-explorer dde national-laboratories
If you’re ready to discover data, then OSTI’s newest product is ready for you! The DOE Data Explorer (DDE) is a unique tool that identifies collections of DOE-sponsored numeric files, figures and data plots, multimedia and images, computer simulations, specialized databases, and interactive data maps. Browse, run a quick search, or advanced search, then click a link to results. You’ll be amazed at the data you can freely see and use, the highly specialized interfaces developed by the owners of the data that will help you delve deeper into their collections, and the software toolkits that allow you to manipulate, compare, visualize, download, and re-use the data.” <a href=”; More…


Latest Update from Knovel

Here is the latest update from Knovel. Knovel is a collection of ebooks that are usually the type of book that you would want to refer to for useful engineering and science data. Many of the books contain tabular data in spreadsheet format that you can export. Some provide interactive graphs. Many of the books will already be familiar to you. Take a look!