The intellectual care and feeding of science librarians


This is more of a post for scientists and engineers – or for sci/tech librarians to pass along to them for comment.  Over the years I’ve developed a view of the book as a productivity tool.  Suppose a biologist and a mathematician are working together on  a project.  Perhaps each feels a bit uncertain about the other’s field of study, but each know of a book in their own field that they could recommend to the other to help bring them up to speed or to generate more insight/discussion.  Because of this general opinion about books, I thought … maybe scientists or engineers might want to give their librarians a summer reading list.

So, think about it folks.  If you want your librarian to understand your research better, what would you recommend for us to read.  The vast majority of us are fairly intelligent individuals … some of us have a bit of a science background … a few have quite a bit of a science background.   What would you put on your librarian’s summer reading list?

We’re polishing our glasses …


Matthew R. Marsteller

Head, Science Libraries

Carnegie Mellon University