We’re Puttin’ the Blog Back Together!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  To be honest, things seemed to be going well and then our organizational unit got all its social media centralized and I felt more than a bit frozen out.  The goal of the blog is changing a bit as well.  Instead of a view from a department head … this will be a view from a sci/tech librarian that is living the transition and what I see developing around me.

I’ll be heading to DC for a meeting on Bibliometrics and Research Assessment organized by Chris Belter of NIH. So, bibliometrics services, long in place in other parts of the world, will soon be a service that we’ll try here at Carnegie Mellon.  We’ll probably work closely in some way with the University of Pittsburgh.

I believe our Research Data Management efforts are poised to really take off as well.  The big difficulty seems to be how to maintain these efforts at a high level of quality.


About matthewm53
I'm a Senior Engineering & Science Librarian at Carnegie Mellon University.

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