Carnegie Mellon Obtains Access to All SIAM e-books!

The University Libraries are very pleased to announce that access to the entire back file of SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) e-books has been acquired.  This gives the campus access to a broad swath of applied mathematics books that will be of interest to a large part of the campus.  The subjects include:

Applied Geometry; Applied Mathematics Education; Applied Probability; Astronomy, Planetary Sciences, and Optics; Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences; Biological Sciences; Chemical Kinetics; Communication Theory; Computational Mathematics; Computer Sciences; Control and Systems Theory; Data Mining and Information Retrieval; Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory; Dynamical Systems; Economics and Finance; Electromagnetic Theory and Semiconductor and Circuit Analysis; Environmental Sciences; Fluid Mechanics; Functional Analysis; General Interest; Geophysical Sciences; Image Processing; Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory; Management Sciences and Operations Research; Materials Science; Math and Computation in Industrial Applications; Mathematical Physics; Mechanics of Solids; Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures; Numerical Analysis; Optimization Theory and Mathematical Programming; Ordinary Differential Equations; Partial Differential Equations; Real and Complex Analysis; Simulation and Modeling; Social Sciences; and Statistics

Arrangements are for unlimited use by the Carnegie Mellon community.  The e-books are hosted by the Scitation platform built by the American Institute of Physics which is familiar to the campus owing to hosting numerous science and engineering journals.  The e-books are divided into chapters that are offered in a high quality pdf format and can be used on campus or off-campus/wireless via the AnyConnect remote access tool.  Chapters can be printed or downloaded to e-readers and other mobile devices – they can be used on anything that will read a pdf file.  The e-books can be located in CAMEO – the online catalog at Carnegie Mellon or they can be browsed at:


About matthewm53
I'm a Senior Engineering & Science Librarian at Carnegie Mellon University.

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