New Physics Books in the Engineering & Science Library

Configurational Forces : Thermomechanics, Physics, Mathematics, and Numerics / Gérard A. Maugin.  Boca Raton, FL: CRC, 2011.  QA808.2.M379 2011

Exotic Nuclear Excitations / S.C. Pancholi.  New York: Springer, 2011.  QC1.S797 VOL. 242 2011

Computational Physics : Simulation of Classical and Quantum Systems / Philipp O.J. Scherer.  Heidelberg: Springer, 2010.  QC52.S34X 2010

Fundamentals and New Frontiers of Bose-Einstein Condensation / Masahito Ueda.  Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific, 2010.  QC175.47.B65U43X 2010

Theory of Heat Transfer with Forced Convection Film Flows / Deyi Shang.  Heidelberg: Springer, 2011.  QC327.S53X 2011

Introduction to Optical Quantum Information Processing / Pieter Kok and Brendon W. Lovett.  Cambridge, UK: Cambridge, 2010.  QC446.2.K65 2010

Quantum Electronics for Atomic Physics / Warren Nagourney.  Oxford, UK: Oxford, 2010.  QC689.5.L35N34X 2010


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I'm a Senior Engineering & Science Librarian at Carnegie Mellon University.

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