New Math Books in the Engineering & Science Library

Discrete Mathematics / Swapan Kumar Chakraborty and Bikash Kanti Sarkar.  New Delhi: Oxford, 2011.  QA76.9.M35C53X 2011

Groups, Algebras and Applications / César Polcino Milies, Editor.   Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society, 2009.  QA251.5.L38 2009

SuperCooperators : Altruism, Evolution and Why We Need Each Other to Succeed / Martin A. Nowak with Roger Highfield.  New York: Free Press, 2011.  QA269.N687 2011

Laws of Small Numbers : Extremes and Rare Events, 3rd ed. / Michael Falk, Jürg Hüsler, and Rolf-Dieter Reiss.  Basel: Birkhäuser, 2011.  QA273.6.F35 2011

Measure-Valued Branching Markov Processes / Zenghu Li.  Heidelberg: Springer, 2011.  QA274.76.M43X 2011

Inequalities : Theory of Majorization and Its Applications, 2nd ed. / Albert W. Marshall, Ingram Olkin, and Barry C. Arnold.  New York: Springer, 2011.  QA295.M42 2011

Topological Vector Spaces, 2nd ed. / Lawrence Narici and Edward Beckenstein.  Boca Raton, FL: CRC, 2011.  QA322.N375 2011

Stochastic Distribution Control System Design : A Convex Optimization Approach / Lei Guo and Hong Wang.  London: Springer, 2010.  QA402.3.G86X 2010

Matrices and Graphs in Geometry / Miroslav Fiedler.  Cambridge, UK: Cambridge, 2011.  QA447.F45 2011

Emerging Topics on Differential Geometry and Graph Theory / Lucas Bernard and Francois Roux, Editors.  New York: Nova, 2010.  QA641.E636 2010

Configurational Forces : Thermomechanics, Physics, Mathematics, and Numerics / Gérard A. Maugin.  Boca Raton, FL: CRC, 2011.  QA808.2.M379 2011

Elasticity : Theory and Applications, 2nd ed, Revised & Updated / Adel S. Saada.  Fort Lauderdale, FL: J. Ross, 2009.  QA931.S2 2009



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