New Math Books in the Engineering & Science Library

Multilevel Statistical Models, 4th ed / Harvey Goldstein.  Chichester, UK: Wiley, 2011.  H61.25.G65 2011

Computability Theory : An Introduction to Recursion Theory / Herbert B. Enderton.  Amsterdam: Elsevier Academic, 2011.  QA9.6.E53 2011

Ramsey Theory : Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow / Alexander Soifer, Editor.  New York ; Dordrecht: Birkhäuser, 2011.  QA166.R36X 2011

Geometric Etudes in Combinatorial Mathematics, 2nd ed / Alexander Soifer.  New York: Springer, 2010.  QA167.S65X 2010

Normal Approximation by Stein’s Method / Louis H.Y.  Chen, Larry Goldstein, and Qi-Man Shao.  Heidelberg: Springer, 2011.  QA221.C44X 2011

Dynamical Numbers : Interplay between Dynamical Systems and Number Theory (Contemporary Mathematics, 532) / Sergiy Kolyada, et al.  Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society, 2010.  QA241.D96 2010

Number Theory in the Spirit of Liouville / Kenneth S. Williams.  Cambridge, UK: Cambridge, 2010.  QA241.W625 2010

Algebraic Number Theory, 2nd ed / Richard A. Mollin.  Boca Raton, FL: CRC, 2011.  QA247.M63 2011

Set Theory and Its Applications (Contemporary Mathematics, 533) / L. Babinkostova, et al., Editors.  Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society, 2011.  QA248.B66 2011

Matrix Iterative Analysis / Richard S. Varga.  Berlin: Springer, 2009.  QA263.V3 2009

Grammatical Inference : Learning Automata and Grammars / Colin de la Higuera.  Cambridge, UK: Cambridge, 2010.  QA267.3.D4X 2010

Game of Life Cellular Automata / Andrew Adamatzky, Ed.  London: Springer, 2010.  QA267.5.C45G36 2010

Games and Decision Making / Charalambos D. Aliprantis and Subir K. Chakrabarti.  Oxford, UK: Oxford, 2011.  QA269.A44 2011

Understanding Game Theory : Introduction to the Analysis of Many Agent Systems with Competition and Cooperation / Vassili N. Kolokoltsov and Oleg A. Malafeyev.  Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific, 2010.  QA269.K66X 2010

Finite Elements : An Introduction to the Method and Error Estimation / Ivo Babuška, John R. Whiteman, and Theofanis Strouboulis.  Oxford, UK: Oxford, 2011.  QA276.8.B33 2011

An R Companion to Applied Regression, 2nd ed. / John Fox and Sanford Weisberg.  Los Angeles: Sage, 2011.  QA278.2.F628 2011

Spatial Statistics and Spatio-Temporal Data : Covariance Functions and Directional Properties / Michael Sherman.  Chichester, UK: Wiley, 2011.  QA278.2.S55X 2011

Bayesian Decision Analysis : Principles and Practice / Jim Q. Smith.  Cambridge, UK: Cambridge, 2010.  QA279.5.S628 2010

Functions, Spaces and Expansions : Mathematical Tools in Physics and Engineering / Ole Christensen.  Boston: Birkhäuser, 2010.  QA331.7.C57 2010

Discrete Variational Derivative Method : A Structure-Preserving Numerical Method for Partial Differential Equations / Daisuke Furihata and Takayasu Matsuo.  Boca Raton, FL: CRC, 2011.  QA377.F87 2011

Optimization – Theory and Practice / Wilhelm Forst and Dieter Hoffmann.  New York: Springer, 2010.  QA402.5.F67X 2010

Applications of Lie Groups to Difference Equations / Vladimir Dorodnitsyn.  Boca Raton, FL: CRC, 2011.  QA431.D67 2011

Riemannian Geometry of Contact and Symplectic Manifolds, 2nd ed / David E. Blair.  Boston: Birkhäuser, 2010.  QA614.3.B53 2010

Three-Dimensional Flows / Vítor Araújo and Maria José Pacifico.  Heidelberg: Springer, 2010.  QA614.82.A738 2010

Minimal Surfaces / Ulrich Dierkes, Stefan Hildebrandt, and Friedrich Sauvigny.  Berlin: Springer, 2010.  QA644.M56X 2010 VOL. 1

Regularity of Minimal Surfaces / Ulrich Dierkes, Stefan Hildebrandt, and Anthony J. Tromba.  Berlin: Springer, 2010.  QA644.M56X 2010 VOL. 2

Global Analysis of Minimal Surfaces / Ulrich Dierkes, Stefan Hildebrandt, and Anthony J. Tromba.  Berlin: Springer, 2010.  QA644.M56 2010 VOL. 3

Turbulence and Shell Models / Peter D. Ditlevsen.  Cambridge, UK: Cambridge, 2011.  QA913.D58 2011

The Mathematics of Medical Imaging : A Beginner’s Guide / Timothy G. Feeman.  New York: Springer, 2010.  RC78.7.D53F44 2010


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