New Math Books at the Engineering & Science Library

Brownian Motion / Peter Mörters and Yuval Peres.  Cambridge, UK: Cambridge, 2010.  QA274.75.M67 2010

Testing Statistical Hypotheses of Equivalence and Noninferiority, 2nd ed. / Stefan Wellek.  Boca Raton, FL:  CRC, 2010.  QA277.W46 2010

Excursions in Classical Analysis : Pathways to Advanced Problem Solving and Undergraduate Research / Hongwei Chen.  Washington, DC:  Mathematical Association of America, 2010.  QA301.C44 2010

System Identification with Quantized Observations / Le Yi Wang et al.  Basel:  Birkhauser, 2010.  QA402.S97 2010

Highly Oscillatory Problems / Edited by Bjorn Engquist, et al.  Cambridge, UK: Cambridge, 2009.  QA865.H54X 2009

Geometric Analysis of Hyperbolic Differential Equations : An Introduction / S. Alinhac.  Cambridge, UK: Cambridge, 2010.  QA927.A3886 2010


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I'm a Senior Engineering & Science Librarian at Carnegie Mellon University.

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