What Do We Make of PhysMath Central?

PhysMath Central is a collection of open access journals that have emerged as part of the effort of BioMed Central.   Open access journals are provided at no cost to readers via the Internet.  The costs of open access journal articles are covered in a number of ways, but the typical way for PhysMath Central is the use of an article process charge.  The are different ways for universities or authors to cover this charge – more information can be found here.  The URL for PhysMath Central is:


To date there are just three journals:  PMC Biophysics, PMC Physics A, and PMC Physics B.  Interestingly, commercial publisher Springer Science+Business Media purchased BioMed Central in October of 2008.  If wide dissemination of research results coupled with peer review is important to you, perhaps your next article might be destined for PhysMath Central.  It’s certainly an option for researchers to consider.


About matthewm53
I'm a Senior Engineering & Science Librarian at Carnegie Mellon University.

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