New Physics Books in the Engineering & Science Library

Theories of the World : From Antiquity to the Copernican Revolution, 2nd Revised Edition / Michael J. Crowe.  Mineola, NY: Dover, 1990, 2001.  QB15.C77 2001

Cosmos : An Illustrated History of Astronomy and Cosmology / John North.  Chicago: University of Chicago, 2008.  QB15.N67 2008

From Eudoxus to Einstein : A History of Mathematical Astronomy / C.M. Linton.  Cambridge: Cambridge, 2007.  QB47.L56 2007

Symmetries, Lie Algebras and Representations : A Graduate Course for Physicists / Jürgen Fuchs and Christoph Schweigert.  Cambridge: Cambridge, 2003.  QC20.7.L54F83 2003

Feynman’s Tips on Physics : A Problem-Solving Supplement to The Feynman Lectures on Physics / Richard P. Feynman, Michael A. Gottlieb, and Ralph Leighton.  With a Memoir by Sands.  Exercises and answers by Robert B. Leighton and Rochus E. Vogt.  San Francisco: Pearson Addison Wesley, 2006.  QC23.F47 2006 SUPP

Nanomaterials for Solid State Hydrogen Storage / Robert A Varin, Tomasz Czujko, and Zbigniew S. Wronski.  New York: Springer, 2009.  QC145.45.H9V37X 2009

Boulevard of Broken Symmetries : Effective Field Theories of Condensed Matter / Adriaan M. J. Schakel.  New Jersey: World Scientific, 2008.  QC173.454.S33 2008

Aperiodic Structures in Condensed Matter : Fundamentals and Applications / Enrique Maciá.  Boca Raton: CRC, 2009.  QC173.458.S75B37 2009

The Black Hole War : My Battle with Stephen Hawking to Make the World Safe for Quantum Mechanics / Leonard Susskind.  New York: Little, Brown, and Co., 2008.  QC174.12.S896 2008

Many-Body Theory Exposed : Propagator Description of Quantum Mechanics in Many-Body Systems, 2nd ed. / Willem H. Dickhoff and Dimitri Van Neck.  New Jersey: World Scientific, 2008.  QC174.17.P7D53 2008

Symmetry and Condensed Matter Physics : A Computational Approach / Michael El-Batanouny and Frederick Wooten.  Cambridge: Cambridge, 2008.  QC174.17.S9E43 2008

Conformal Field Theory with Gauge Symmetry / Kenji Ueno.  Providence: AMS, 2008.  QC174.52.C66U54 2008

Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Turbulence / John Cardy, Gregory Falkovich and Krzysztof  Gawedzki.  Cambridge: Cambridge, 2008.  QC174.86.N65C37X 2008

Solid State Physics : Essential Concepts / David W. Snoke.  San Francisco: Addison-Wesley, 2009.  QC176.S556 2009

Metallic Nanoparticles / John Blackman, editor.  Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2009.  QC176.8.N35M48X 2009

The Thermodynamic Universe : Exploring the Limits of Physics / B. G. Sidharth.  New Jersey: World Scientific, 2008.  QC311.S517 2008

Balance Equation Approach to Electron Transport in Semiconductors / X. L. Lei.  New Jersey: World Scientific, 2008.  QC611.6.E45L45 2008

Numerical Analysis for Electromagnetic Integral Equations / Karl F. Warnick.  Norwood, MA: Artech House, 2008.  QC760.4.M37W37 2008

Particle Detection with Drift Chambers, 2nd ed / W. Blum, W. Riegler, and L. Rolandi.  Berlin: Springer, 2008.  QC787.D74B58 2008

Heat Transfer Physics / Massoud Kaviany.  Cambridge: Cambridge, 2008.  QC787.N8K39 2008

Relativistic Transitions in the Hydrogenic Atoms : Elementary Theory / Roger Boudet.  Berlin: Springer, 2009.  QC793.5.E62B68X 2009


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