New Posner Center Exhibit: Patronage In History

From Cindy Carroll in Library Administration:

All are invited to attend the opening of a new exhibit at Posner Center, created by intern Mirae Kim, a Master’s candidate in Creative Enterprise Management, Heinz College.


The contributions of patrons of arts and science have made a difference in history. Patronage, often in the form of grants, sponsorships and scholarships, continues to have a significant impact on contemporary creativity, innovation and research.

To showcase the importance of patronage, Posner Center intern Mirae Kim (Master’s candidate, Creative Enterprise Management, Heinz College) created an exhibit that tracks the relationships with their patrons of several authors represented in the Posner Collection: Bacon, Blackstone, Copernicus, Samuel Johnson, Kepler, Machiavelli, Newton, Adam Smith, and Vesalius.

By focusing on the often neglected role of patrons in history, Ms. Kim reveals the value of patronage by individuals, corporations and other institutions who are in a position to provide active support for the arts and sciences today.

OPENING TODAY, April 30, 5-7 pm.
The exhibit will be on display through August: Monday-Friday, 1-4 pm, Posner Center.


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I'm a Senior Engineering & Science Librarian at Carnegie Mellon University.

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