INIS (International Nuclear Information System) Database Now Freely Available

"The INIS (International Nuclear Information System) database is 
available free, as at 3 April 2009:  It is 
a product of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), which 
promotes the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

Information about the content of the database is available at, and some of 
this is listed below.

"Leading reference database for scientific literature published 
worldwide on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology

•  Comprehensive international coverage by INIS Members and the INIS 

•  over 3 million bibliographic citations and abstracts of journal 
articles, scientific and technical reports, conference papers, books, 
patents, theses, laws, regulations and standards, and web documents, 
covering publications in 63 languages; all records include keywords 
and most have an abstract in English

•  Includes a unique collection of over 850 000 full-text documents: 
scientific and technical reports, conference proceedings, patents, 
theses, and preprints. This “grey” non-conventional literature (NCL) 
is not easily available from other sources."

[Please note that ~200,000 full-text nonconventional documents, 
consisting of scientific and technical reports and other 
non-copyrighted information and available online]."

This is certainly an interesting development!  INIS's press release 
can be found here:


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I'm a Senior Engineering & Science Librarian at Carnegie Mellon University.

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