New Physics Books in the Engineering & Science Library

Instability in Models Connected with Fluid Flow, Volumes I and II / Claude Bardos and Andrei Fursikov.  New York: Springer, 2008.  QA911.I57X 2008 VOL.1 and VOL. 2

Physics of Black Holes : A Guided Tour / Edited by Eleftherios Papantonopoulos  (Lecture Notes in Physics, 769).  Berlin: Springer, 2009.  QB843.B55P497 2009

A Century of Ideas : Perspectives from Leading Scientists of the 20th Century / Edited by B.G. Sidharth (Fundamental Theories of Physics, 149).  [New York]: Springer, 2008.  QC6.2.C46X 2008

Quantum Mechanics for Mathematicians / Leon A. Takhtajan (Graduate Studies in Mathematics, 95).  Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society, 2008.  QC174.12.T343 2008

Introduction to Magnetic Materials, 2nd ed. / B.D. Cullity and C.D. Graham.  Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2009.  QC753.2.C84 2009

A Paradigm Called Magnetism / Sushanta Dattagupta.  New Jersey: World Scientific, 2008.  QC753.2.D38X 2008

Global Climatology and Ecodynamics : Anthropogenic Changes to Planet Earth / Arthur P. Cracknell, Vladimir F. Krapivin, and Costas A. Varotsos.  Chichester, UK: Springer-Praxis, 2009.  QC981.8.C5C73X 2009

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