New Physics Books at the Engineering & Science Library

Evolution of Silicon Sensor Technology in Particle Physics / Frank Hartmann.  Berlin:  Springer, 2009.  QC1.S797 VOL. 231 2009

Generalized Collocation Methods : Solutions to Nonlinear Problems / Nicola Bellomo, et al.  Boston:  Birkhauser, 2008.  QC20.7.N6G46 2008

Forces in Physics : A Historical Perspective / Steven N. Shore.  Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2008.  QC72.S46 2008

Stability and Wave Motion in Porous Media / Brian Straughan.  New York: Springer, 2008.  QC173.4.P67S77 2008

Concepts in Quantum Mechanics / Vishnu Swarup Mathur and Surendra Singh.  Boca Raton: Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2009.  QC174.12.M3687 2009

Elements of Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics / V. Balakrishnan.  Boca Raton:  CRC, 2008.  QC174.86.N65B35X 2008

Thermodynamics : From Concepts to Applications, 2nd ed. / Arthur Shavit and Chaim Gutfinger.  Boca Raton:  CRC, 2009

Handbook of Numerical Heat Transfer, 2nd ed. / W.J. Minkowycz, E.M. Sparrow, and J.Y. Murphy.  Hoboken:  John Wiley & Sons, 2006.  QC320.H235 2006

Electromagnetics, 2nd ed. / Edward J. Rothwell and Michael J. Cloud.  Boca Raton:  CRC, 2009.  QC670.R693 2009.

Focused Ion Beam Systems : Basics and Applications / Edited by Nan Yao.  Cambridge:  Cambridge, 2007.  QC702.7.B65.F63X 2007

Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics / Edited by Peter W. Hawkes.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier, 2009.

The Science of Air : Concepts and Applications, 2nd ed. / Frank R. Spellman.  Boca Raton:  CRC, 2009.  QC861.3.S64 2009


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