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Matt Marsteller, Head, Science Libraries Product descriptions are those given to Amazon by the publisher.

Collected works / Niels Henrik David Bohr.  QC 3.B584 VOL. 13

This is the Cumulative Subject Index to our set of Niels Bohr’s Collected Works.


X-Ray scattering of soft matter / N. Stribeck.  QC 173.458.S62S87 2007

Product Description
Applications of X-ray scattering to soft matter have advanced considerably within recent years, both conceptually and technically – mature high-power X-ray sources, synchrotrons and rotating anodes, as well as high-speed detectors have become readily available. High-quality time-resolved experiments on polymer structure now can be performed with ease, a major advancement due to the genuine power of the scattering method.

This manual summarizes the analytical power of modern X-ray scattering in the field of soft matter. Description of simple tools that can elucidate the mechanisms of structure evolution in the studied materials is followed by a step-for-step guide and breakdown of the more advanced methods. Data analysis based on clear, unequivocal results is rendered simple and straightforward – with a stress on the carefully planning of the experiments and adequate recording of all required data. To this end, this book serves as a useful ready-reference guide.


Basic superfluids / Tony Guenault.  QC 175.4.G84 2003

Product Description
The author describes superfluidity as the jewel in the crown of low temperature physics. At low enough temperatures, every substance in thermal equilibrium must become ordered. Since some materials remain fluid to the lowest temperatures, it is a fascinating question as to how this ordering can take place. The book assumes some basic knowledge of quantum, statistical and thermal physics, and builds on this background to give a readable introduction to the three superfluids of low temperature physics. The book emphasizes physical principles rather than technical detail, with the aim of introducing the subject in an accessible yet authoritative way to final year undergraduates or starting graduate students.

About the Author
Tony Guenault is with Lancaster University in the UK.


Advances in geophysics, Volume 50: Earth heterogeneity and scattering effects on seismic waves / edited by Haruo Sato and Michael C. Fehler.  QC 801.A283 Vol. 50 2008.

Book Description
Recent developments in wave theory and observation

Product Description
Seismic waves generated by earthquakes have been interpreted to provide us information about the Earth’s structure across a variety of scales. For short periods less than 1 second, the envelope of seismograms changes significantly with increased travel distance and coda waves are excited by scattering due to randomly distributed heterogeneities in the Earth. Deterministic structures such as horizontally uniform velocity layer models in traditional seismology cannot explain these phenomena. This book focuses on the Earth heterogeneity and scattering effects on seismic waves. Topics covered are recent developments in wave theory and observation including: coda wave analysis for mapping medium heterogeneity and monitoring temporal variation of physical properties, radiation of short-period seismic waves from an earthquake fault, weak localization of seismic waves, attenuation of seismic waves in randomly porous media, synthesis of seismic wave envelopes in short periods, laboratory investigations of ultrasonic wave propagation in rock samples.

*Understanding new methods for the analysis of short-period seismic waves to characterize the random heterogeneity of the Earth on many scales.
*Observations of seismic wave scattering. Discussion of techniques for mapping medium heterogeneity and for monitoring temporal change in medium characteristics.
* Up-to-date techniques for the synthesis of wave envelopes in random media.


Climate variability, predictability and climate risks: A European perspective / Edited by Heinz Wanner and others.  QC 989.A1C5826 2006

Editorial Reviews

Product Description
This book provides an integrated assessment of issues related to climate variability and change, predictability and risks. The book deals with both the technical aspects of variability and (abrupt) climate change and the agricultural and economical impacts and consequences.

About the Author
Heinz Wanner is the head of the Climate Research Group and Director of the NCRR Management Center.

Regine Rothlisberger is a Science Officer with the NCCR Climate Management Center.

Elena Xoplaki is a Science Officer with the NCCR Climate Management Center.


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