Mellon Institute Library Gets Electricity … Upgrade


After a thorough review of the situation in our Mellon Institute Library by all concerned, I’m very happy to write about how our Mellon Institute Library is slated for an electrical distribution upgrade.  As many of you know, electrical outlets in libraries can be very important with wireless connectivity and the widespread use of laptops.

The Mellon Institute Library is a grand old place.  You can see a view of the Main Reading Room in the photo below:

Main Reading Room, Mellon Institute Library

A chief part of the upgrade will be the provision of a modern grounded double outlet at both ends of each table (at the floor).  Other existing outlets on the perimeter of the room will be upgraded to modern grounded double outlets.

In addition, we have plans to replace the old outlets that are built into desks along the courtyard windows on the second and third floors of the library.  New plugs are planned at the study tables on the third floor of the library near the windows that provide a view of the loading dock area at the rear of the Mellon Institute.

If you’re ever in Pittsburgh, you should stop by and see the intricate woodcarvings that grace the Main Reading Room.



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I'm a Senior Engineering & Science Librarian at Carnegie Mellon University.

4 Responses to Mellon Institute Library Gets Electricity … Upgrade

  1. Matt Marsteller says:

    … this is just an update on the project. We wound up avoiding a lot of wiring costs by simply rearranging most of the tables in the Main Reading Room in order to take advantage of the existing but outdated plugs. I had been reluctant to do that because of keeping the historical look and feel of the room. However, our Chemistry and Biology Librarian ran across a photo where the furniture was in a different configuration. So, the end result wasn’t exactly what I had originally intended, but I was pleased that I was mature enough to realize that the end result would be a huge improvement to the Main Reading Room for a lot less money. I guess I could have pushed the issue and made a large farm animal of myself, but I’m glad I didn’t. I’m thrilled with the results and very pleased when I see folks working away with their laptops plugged in.

  2. Interesting info:) hope to visit again.

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